I use flame working, primarily, as my glass making technique because of its versatility. The ability to work extremely detailed inspires and motivates me to keep creating and make my next piece that much more detailed. 


My love for naturalistic and botanical forms began when I was a kid. My parents focused a lot on landscape design, filling our yard with variations of flowers and shrubs of all shapes, sizes and colors. I spent many days exploring all of the different species living right there in our backyard. Flowers and bouquets were a standard at any family greeting, birthday, or anniversary celebration. Their love of plants has always inspired me to appreciate the natural objects that are in our lives. Whether it be sending messages of love and happiness through bouquets of daisies, or primrose; gifting poinsettias and Christmas cactuses around holiday seasons; or the annual spring tradition of shopping at all of the garden centers and nurseries for plants to fill our yard with that year.

Because of my family’s history with gardening and horticulture, I see flowers and plants in a different aspect. They are reminiscent of good times spent with loved ones, they’re messages to friends and family, or cures to heartaches and hardships.

My artwork focuses on using my personal experience with plants along with my experience with life and the people in my surroundings to convey messages or experiences that we share throughout our lifetime.